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First blog post (no choice haha)

Two cups of coffe, Just for me. Oww anyways I just realized that I hate coffee pala. So I don’t know why it is my first blog HAHAH. Well art photography is involved here hahah LOL. 😛

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I’m not yet ready???HAHA(5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16)

16 signs you’re not ready for a serious commitment in love

Are you confused over whether you’d be happier in love, or happier just flitting from one lover to another over the short term? Here are 16 signs that can help you decode your mind better in no time.

#1 You think you haven’t dated enough people. Do you feel like it’s too early to commit to an exclusive relationship? If you think you’re too inexperienced to “settle” into a serious relationship just yet, because you’re still having so much fun keeping it simple, perhaps, you’re just not ready for true love yet. [Confession: I want to be single again!]

#2 You’re being a fake. In a new relationship, many people don’t reveal their true selves and their true ideas because they’re afraid they may not be liked for who they really are? Are you one of these people? If you’re not being yourself around the person who loves you, just so you can please this person with your perfect behavior, both of you are definitely not ready for a serious commitment.

#3 Ex woes. You still have feelings for your ex. You’re trying to move on, but you’re still tortured by your ex’s memories and the good times both of you shared together. If your ex dominates your present lover in your mind, you definitely have some old issues to fix before moving on. [Read: 13 secret signs your lover isn’t over their ex yet!]

#4 You haven’t evolved. Over your past relationships, have you learnt any lessons or picked any flaws about yourself? As one sided as mistakes in love can be, there are always lessons for both partners to learn from, evolve and improve themselves.

If you’ve always believed you’ve been right all along and have never been wrong in any past relationship, then you surely have a lot to learn. When you don’t self reflect on your past relationships, and correct yourself while learning from your past romances, you’ll always find yourself in square one all the time. [Read: 10 signs your past relationship is holding you back]

#5 You don’t feel the compatibility. You like the person you’re dating, but somewhere at the back of the mind, something just doesn’t feel right. And both of you seem too different from each other to last past the infatuation stage in love. [Read: The 9 relationship stages all couples go through]

#6 A distraction. Are you using the relationship only as a distraction to ignore or overcome a big problem that’s troubling your mind? A rebound relationship may work very well here, as long as you make your intentions clear from the very beginning. [Read: 15 signs you’re in a rebound relationship and not a real one!]

#7 You’re too independent. You don’t like the idea of having to *report* to someone every few hours about your whereabouts over the phone. You don’t like feeling obligated to meet someone or spend time with them, even though you really like their company. You just love your independence, and when you date someone, you feel like your freedom is being taken away from you.

#8 Serial dating. You’re a serial dater, and you love it! You love the idea of falling in love, but you can’t seem to ever get past the infatuation stage with anyone you date. The relationship starts out perfectly, but as the rush of infatuation starts to leave the door, so do you! [Read: Is serial monogamy easier on the heart for many of us?]

#9 Two minds. You’re dating someone you really like, but your mind is still committed to someone else. And that makes you feel guilty to get into a serious new relationship. You may have just come out of a relationship, or perhaps, you’re still in a flickering relationship with someone else.

If your mind is ever confused over two people at the same time, wait a while to decide on the right course before you commit to a serious relationship with one of them. [Read: Love triangles and its confusing complications]

#10 Rescue mission. You don’t want to date someone because of how wonderful they are. You want to date someone so you can rescue them from their troubles! You date a person, not to share a life together with that person, but to feel good about yourself while rescuing them from their misery or pain.

#11 Emotionally unavailable. You just don’t feel the need to connect with someone emotionally. You clam up when it comes to talking about your feelings, and even if something hurts you or bothers you, you’d rather deal with it in your own way, instead of confronting the situation with the person involved.

If you’re emotionally unavailable, it doesn’t matter who you fall in love with, but most of your relationships will end up failing because you’d leave everyone around you feeling infuriated because they just can’t understand you for the person you are.

#12 That gaping void. Are you falling in love with this person because you love them? Or are you dating this person in the hope that they can fill that hollow emptiness you feel inside?

Here’s a lesson you need to remember. You can’t ever truly love someone or appreciate them unless you love yourself first. Only when you feel complete from within can you see the good in someone else, otherwise you’d only see the missing pieces of your own life in others. [Read: How your negative thinking is ruining your life for you]

#13 Pressure. You’re being forced into the relationship by your overly concerned friends or family. Everyone around you may think this person is perfect for you, and they may convince you that dating this person is the best decision you’d ever make! But somehow, you don’t feel the same way about the person even if you’re in a relationship with them! [Read: 13 signs your friends are ruining your love life]

#14 You don’t pursue them. You like a particular person, you flirt with them and even date them. But as much as you admire them or desire them, you don’t choose to make the effort to pursue them. You don’t mind dating them if they pursue you, but you aren’t really interested in pursuing them back. It may seem like you’re playing hard to get, but chances are, you may not be too interested in them either.

#15 Trust issues. You like the person, but no matter how hard you try, you just don’t find them trustworthy. Trust is the foundation of a perfect relationship, so if you can’t learn to trust them, you definitely aren’t ready for a serious relationship with them. [Read: How to get over trust issues in your romance]

#16 Love is not a high priority for you. You’ve got nothing against the idea of getting into a serious relationship, but there are other things in your life that are more important to you at this point in time.

Even if your partner accepts the idea right now that they’re not high on your list of priorities, they would definitely change their mind a few months down the lane because no lover would want to be on the lower side of a partner’s list of priorities.

Ariana Grande (grinanada) 😜

Requested by Francine *I used charcoal in sketch pad*😂

Corny but still… 

Corny but still it can make me laughed harder.  I always said that your jokes are “corns, corny, cornibells” but your kind of jokes makes me smile. Hayyss…that full of sense conversation!  I really missed that, I really do. I always scrolling my messenger to read again our funny convos. And wow! Now I believed that stupid conversations make sense when your talking to someone special.😁😊

#justmissinyou #10pmthoughts 

Impromptu art

*flaskback* while eating apple bwahahah 😂 #essangart

Food art 😊

Nowadays people say I LOVE YOU just like they are saying hello. 

-After eating pancake with chocolate syrup.  🍮

#messyfoodart 😁

Men must read this 😉

“Ligawan mo kasi. The good ol’ fashioned way. Sundo, hatid, dalaw sa bahay. Sulat-sulat ng love letter kahit mala-hieroglyph ang penmanship mo. Magpakilala ka sa magulang. Iparamdam mong malinis ang intensyon mo. Hindi yang puro ka status. O chat na sinasagot lang ng emoji. Tuwang-tuwa ka sa like, seen, at saka “he he.” Ungas.

Life and love are far more complex than the very limited apps that social network conveys. Subukan mo ang harapan. Ubusin mo ang tapang mo. Magpakatotoo ka. Walang nararating ang birtwal na kakornihan.” – Joselito D. Delos Reyes
“In addition to what I’ve shared a while ago;
Yes! So guys, try to exhaust your efforts sometimes. Courting is not about the emojis, sending some sweet sweet chats in social media, sending her messages about how pretty she is, how she can make your day, how deep is your love for her blah blah blah. C’mon, say it to her directly, do something for her to feel it or even write it in a piece of paper atleast and give it to her. Stand up! Log out from the internet. Put your phone inside your pocket. Go and be with her wherever she is. Old-fashioned courting is sweeter and real. 
Try to serenade her even you can’t sing atleast you tried and for girls, that is quite sweet lol. Or like what Joselito said, simply pick her up and take her home everyday so you can assure that she is safe. Have the balls to meet her parents. As usual, they will not like you at first because for them, you want to get their daughter from their hands but despite of that you must prove yourself. You shouldn’t give up that easy. Do everything. Let them know that you have a good intention for their daughter. Let them know that you won’t hurt her, you’re serious and you will respect her.
Be a real man. Prove to everyone that you can do everything for the girl you love. Don’t be so lazy by just sitting there in front of a monitor and waiting for her to say YES. C’mon dude! Errrr.” – Fatima Margarita De Leon
Alam niyo na guys?
PS: credit po sa mga owners


That feeling is unexplainable while I’m taking these pictures, I fell in love with the skies. Before I take these pictures,  I was walking in the seaside and playin the salt water and sands.  But the sky caught my attention.  Have you ever stopped walking and look at the sky? The beautifulness of the sky making me a girl dreamer. And I admire everything happens, I’m growing up and I was one of those kids who have a great imagination to dream everything. Well dreaming is priceless, even our goals in life are extremely difficult to achieve,  just don’t mind that “difficult” thinggy,  and dream big as you can. Because successful people, dream big.  😉👣 Start the first step of dreaming with your self .


📷 by me @ nasugbu batanggas 😊


I’m kinda like posting and sharing my art works.😊

My version of Meghan Trainor 😁 I used charcoal. My shading is iwiiiii hahaha #NoHateJustAppreciate  😘

Harry Edward Style 

Everybody want to steal my boy, everybody want to steal his heart away. Cauple billion in a whole wide world,  find another one cuz he belongs to me. 😍😄😘 #artedit

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